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Here is the short annotation of principal articles published in the second edition of almanac AQUARIST (Aquariums and Terrariums) for 1991.

M. Makhlin "These awesome piranhas", p. 4.

The author deals with original observations on piranhas stocked in home aquarium. His conclusion is that the fish is less agressive in captivity than in nature.

A. Kochetov "Freshwater blennies", p. 9.

A brief information is provided on Solarias (Blennius) fluviatilis introduced into the Moscow Zoo from Innsbruck. Characteristic features of the species maintenance and propagation are considered.

I. Nikolaev "Southern plattyfish", p. 22.

A description of Xiphophorus maculatus is presented. Peculiarities of stocking and cultivation in aquaria are discussed. Major varieties of body colouration obtained by selective breeding are given.

N. Il'in "Trout Copeina", p. 26

The paper is devoted to Copeina guttata. Consideration is given to propagation of the species and rearing of juveniles.

K. Karabach "Celebes sailfish", p. 29.

The author gives an enthusiastic account of his favourite Telmatherina ladigesi. Original experience in cultivation is dealt with.

M. Tsirling. "A mystery of an apple snail", p. 34.

Results are outlined of observations on behaviour of a female Ampullaria gigas that spawned several batches of eggs in aquarium. Mysterious manipulations of the snail proved to be purposive since they helped the progeny to hatch out.

A. Chesunov "Silty and musky turtles", p. 38.

The author tells us about turtles of the genera Kinosternon and Sternotherus kept in his home terrarium. Behavioural and reproductive patterns of the turtles are discussed.

A. Golovanov "Glass lizard", p. 43.

The mode of life of Anguis fragilis in nature and in captivity is considered. Recommendations as to the design of terraria for lizards are given.

A. Alekseev "Seine gecko", p. 47.

The paper deals with Teratoscincus scincus occuring in Middle Asia and Kazakhstan. Interesting features of life of the gecko in nature and in terrarium are reported.

S. Sharaburin "Struggle with mycoses", p. 53.

The most typical mycoses of aquarium fish are described in detail and prophylax-s measures are suggested.

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